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Baby Hawks

Ok, so this doesn’t have that much to do with the farm, but these hawks were born here. They are the second generation of hawks that have been born and raised in our oak trees. There were 4, but 1 drowned in the pool. I can’t tell you how upset I was when I found him. That’s why the water dish. I figured if I provide them with water they might not try to drink from the pool. This pic is taken on our back deck and they come here every day to hang out. We feel really lucky to be able to observe them from our living room. (sorry for the low res pic)



Our Mascot – Zoey

Which came first? The dog or the farm?
The name Zoe came from ancient Greece. Its meaning is often linked with ‘life’. Zoey received her name because without human intervention, she would not be alive today. So the word ‘life” fit her perfectly. Not long after Zoey came to live with us, Eric named our place, Zoey Farms. But it wasn’t until last year, that we started the farm.


Zoey Farms is Margi, Su & Eric

This is us, last year, in front of the sunflowers. Like Eric’s dorky hat?