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On Days Like Today….

Sunflower at Zoey Farms

Sunflower at Zoey Farms

I patiently wait for Summer.

Last year we planted more flowers than we had in years past, and this year we’ll plant even more. It was so fun to view the tall sunflowers from the kitchen window and even better, to have them growing among the veggies; the cucumbers using them as a trellis.


News, News and more News

Snowy tomatoes

Snowy tomatoes

We hope you are weathering all the storms, where ever you are. In October, during the zillion miles an hour winds, we had a huge oak hit the barn, smashing the roof. Horses were scared but OK. I was freaked out, I have a thing about trees falling on me. Long story for another time. Due to my anxiousness over falling wood, we had the oak trees nearest the house cut down. I felt and still do, feel like a tree murderer. I was sad about having them taken out, but I needed to do something; my anxiousness was getting bad.

That was 3 days before the snow. We had 6″ by Monday morning; trees and branches were falling all around us. Boy was I glad we had those trees removed. I really think the house would have been hit with some of them.

After the storm this week, more branches fell, I think the ones that were broken by the snow. On the bright side, we have enough wood for many years.

six inches of snow in shingle springs

Garden under snow

FARM: We are moving forward and will have shares available in the Spring. Watch out for emails notifying the when and where’s. I am so looking forward to warm, sunny days in the garden. Plus harvesting and eating good, organic veggies.

We did plant some winter veggies and what we were able to pick was great tasting. Some of the cauliflower was small and full of aphids. I had to throw away a couple of heads, but we did manage to eat about five. Broccoli was good too, and believe it or not, many flowered before we could pick them. The red kale didn’t do very well; small and tough. Broccoli rabe and collard greens grew well. Brussel sprouts are still growing, same with celery. The snow killed all the potato plants; we’re hoping the potatoes under the ground will put out more leaves soon. Spring onions and garlic are doing well.

Snow Angus

SHARES: As previously mentioned, we will advertise shares in the Spring in this email newsletter. More info on that later.

Many times we have been asked if a shareholder has to work on the farm for their veggies. In the past, we have not had this option, but this year, we are thinking about offering the opportunity. We don’t have the particulars sorted out just yet, but if you are interested, let us know. We can sure use the help, as we want to expand the farm.

We are also looking at offering egg shares. We have a new egg person lined up, who loves her hens and feeds them organic food. We are also looking at having honey, flowers, and other items for sale. Also, if you grow veggies organically and have more than you can use, we are interested in purchasing or trading with you. Contact us and we can discuss.

Garden in early summer

PLANTING YOUR GARDEN: If you are thinking about having your own garden this year and don’t know where to start, may we suggest Square Foot Gardening. Last year was our first year that we used the method for 99% of our little farm and we were very happy with our results. It’s very hard to imagine most veggies growing in just 6″ of soil. But we took the leap of faith and rebuilt the top garden with raised beds, filled with soil and planted. Everything we normally grow grew great and we had abundant harvests. Plants grew better with this method compared to the typical method of growing in the ground. We will continue to rebuild and grow with this method as it was very successful. If you are interested, we still have some books for sale at $20 and/or you can check it out on the internet. Hopefully, this Spring, we will have some intro classes on the method in the garden. If you are interested, please let us know.

Now’s the time to purchase your seeds, if you haven’t already done so. Many nurseries now have bareroot trees, asparagus and berries. Seed potatoes should be coming in soon too. If you’d rather shop in the comfort of your home on the computer, you can find all of these items at many seed companies. Just make sure they have the safe seed pledge which basically says they do not sell any GMO (genetically modified organism) type seeds.

Birdfeeder under

CLASSES: Speaking about classes, we are considering offering some garden art classes at the farm. Some ideas are mosaic stepping stones, dragonfly wire art, gourd art, bird baths, bird feeders, etc. If you have ideas or just want to create something fun to place in your garden, let us know. We are open and excited to share new ideas with everyone. More info on that in the coming months.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Now that I have your attention …. many of you know that the company I worked for, as a graphic artist, for the past 18 years sold and all of the employees were laid off. As much as I look for a job every day, I have yet to find a permanent position, so I am in the process of creating my own job(s).

Yes, the farm is one, but the income pretty much covers the expenses. And yes, I hear you say, “Why bother?”. A short answer is, we love to grow veggies, eat veggies and meet interesting people.

I have started to pet sit for Priceless Petsitting in Shingle Springs (ask for me). This is a part time job where I come to your house and/or I will board your dog in our house, as a member of our family. During the Christmas holidays we had two female great danes. They were fun and enjoyed running around our 5 acres with our dog, Angus.

Along with the pet sitting, I have started my own business providing graphic services and web site design. Recently I completed a logo design and business cards for a local florist and will work on their site soon. I am working on a simple site DiscoverBowen, which is a friend of mine who has the magic touch. Read my testimony on her page. This site is not complete yet, but you’ll get the idea. Another project I am working on is Equine Directory Online. This is El Dorado County’s answer to a horse phone book. I’ve been writing blogs and maintaining the site, soon to have a design revamp, plus design ads and publish the magazine in the coming months.

So, you can see I am keeping busy, making jobs for myself. If you are in need of any of these services, I’d appreciate a shout out. Thanks for indulging my shameless plug.

E-you in the coming months for more farm news.