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Colorful Salad Bliss

Who could resist this beautiful salad with it's rainbow of colors?

Who could resist this beautiful salad with it's rainbow of colors?


Sharing SFG #2 – Bonnie

Our second in a series on sharing friend’s Square Foot Garden’s is my friend Bonnie. She lives in a town house, and doesn’t have much room, but she managed to create a “stand-up” garden on her patio.

Bonnie's SFG Garden

Bonnie's SFG Garden

These boxes are each 2 foot by 5 foot. I took pics of them when they were just planted, and Bonnie says the plants have taken off and the garden is much bigger. I’ll have to get follow up pics soon, so you can see how well things are growing.

This is one advantage I like about SFG, you can build any size you like and anywhere, as long as you have 6-7 hours of sunlight. Last year Bonnie was involved with a community garden and grew veggies successfully. This year she decided to try SFG because she wanted the convenience of having a garden outside her door and one that was easier to manage. (Garden tip: If your garden is close by the house, you are more likely to tend it.)

Hats off to Bonnie, and all the rest of you for trying your hand at successful gardening this year.

If you have pics of your SFG, please send them to We love to see what everyone else is doing in their gardens.

Grandmother’s Radish Leaf Soup

Tonight I made Grandmother’s Radish Leaf Soup. We have an overabundance of radish leaves, so I found some recipes to use them. Did you know radish leaves contain almost six times the vitamin C content of their root and are also a good source of calcium? I used red potatoes instead of russets, which I think made the soup creamier. I didn’t have milk either, but my substitute of soy milk seemed to work well. I made the “flower” garnish with the radish and the swirl is olive oil. This is sort of a healthier potato soup.

One of our subscribers made this soup today and even her picky eaters enjoyed it. Try it, it’s good.

Grandma's Radish Leaf Soup

Grandma's Radish Leaf Soup

Shares available

We had sold out of our first phase of shares, and now we are opening up our second phase. Email us at if you are interested. We will send out our 2009 Q&As in PDF format so you can become familiar with how we operate.

I admit it….

I am suppose to be doing my school work, but am easily distracted by all the gardening and recipe websites. I enjoy my school work, web design and programming, but tonight I am just not into it.

It might be because today was our second day for customers to pickup their veggies (and I am drinking coffee at 12:30am) and I’m still excited by the day. It’s always fun for us to hang out in the garden and chat with our new farm family. We enjoy picking the veggies, spreading and arranging the veggies on the tables, farmer’s market style, and greeting everyone who comes for a visit. It’s just fun and we really enjoy the day and the people.

Most of the veggies we have now are greens – good for salads. We eat most of our salads at this time of year. We picked lettuce, arugula, radish greens, basil, chard, cilantro and onions – all great for a big salad, which is what we had for dinner tonight. Healthy and yummy!

Ok, school work isn’t getting done, and I’ve got to get back to it. More later.

Sharing #1 – Tish & Ty

I probably mentioned in our weekly farm newsletter how we assisted in some way or another, in helping our friends set up their own Square Foot Garden (SFG). I have asked them to send pics so we can share what others are doing in their backyards.

Our first submission is from Tish and Ty’s garden. They did a beautiful job and I am anxious to see how their garden grows. (This was taken a few weeks ago.)

If you have a SFG to share, OR if you’d like to be included in our FREE farm newsletter, please send an email to:

We’d love to see how your garden grows!

Tish & Ty's SFG

Tish & Ty's SFG


Busy Busy

Yes, we’ve been busy. Busy getting the beds finished, busy planting, busy weeding, busy selling shares….but it’s worth it. The garden is beautiful. Sure, we have more work to do, but it’s really shaping up. It’s nice to see the progress and to know that with all the work we’ve been doing, we only have to do it once…meaning building the beds.

Eric is working on the irrigation, making it permanent and I’ve been planting whatever looks interesting. Right now we have beets, carrots, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, radish, green beans, cilantro, peppers, arugula, lettuce, tomatillos, chard and peas.

Our opening day was yesterday and we offered: lettuce, arugula, basil, herbs, chard and potatoes. More veggies will be available soon….just waiting for the plants to produce.

The carrots, onions, beets and garlic are taking a much longer time to bulb out, something we haven’t figured out why yet. Could be the wacky weather; hot, cold, hot and cold. The tomato plants have green tomatoes on the vines and that’s exciting; the peas just started to bloom; the Cozmic Purple carrots are growing larger; baby peppers are on some plants; corn, which is an experiment for us this year, is growing tall; Garden of Eden green beans are flourishing; so all seems well in the garden. (pics to come soon.)

We are also happy to announce that many of our friends started their own Square Foot Gardens this year. They are all doing well and growing great. Soon, I’ll post some of those pics too.

Speaking of pictures, I’ve been taking lots of them in the garden; just haven’t had the time to download and tweek them before posting….like I said earlier, we’ve been busy. 🙂