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Are we sure this is Fall?

What about this weather? It’s the middle of November and I swear, it was in the mid-80’s at our house today. We started to work in the garden and it was so hot, I thought it was July again. Where’s the pool?

Today, Eric started building the next new raised bed and I cleared out some of the veggies in the first bed and in other areas of the garden. We attended a informal biodynamic gathering on Sunday where we met great people, ate wonderful food and learned a little more about biodynamic gardening. We had a great time! I am too new to biodynamics to even try to explain, but you can check out the Rudolf Steiner College for more info.

So the first raised bed will be cleared out and ready for new things, like potatoes. We’ll leave the chard for a while and see if it does any better. It has been attacked by leafhoppers, I think, so today, I cut them all down, hoping the new growth will come in better. I also covered them to prevent any more bugs and birds from eating them. Onions, garlic and probably more potatoes will be planted in the second bed.

We didn’t have a Fall/Winter season this year, because we need to rebuild the beds with raised beds, but we did plant some winter veggies for ourselves. Unfortunately, gophers and birds have done some damage to the broccoli and cauliflower. It will be so nice to have raised beds because then the varmits can’t get in and eat the plants. Plus it will be nicer to work in the Mel’s Mix.

We are also focusing on making all of our compost this year. It’s expensive, mostly due to the shipping, and we’d like to be self-sufficient in this area, and not rely on outside sources of compost. If we have to purchase it, we will, but our goal is to make enough each season. We have a couple of methods going now, so we’ll see which works best for us.

We also plan on teaching the Square Foot Gardening method. We just weren’t sure where or when and then my laptop crashed and it’s taken a while for me to recover. (Note: be careful what you plug your computer into. We have determined the electrical outlet at the school I am attending wasn’t safe and after some time, it fried my hard drive….not fun.)