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This is one of our horses, Centenarrio. See his foot in the bucket? He is such a good boy, he’ll stay like that for at least 45 minutes. He ate hay that was too rich and now has founder laminitis, a sort of horsey gout. Big bummer! Soaking his foot in cold water should help. Plus, he has to stay locked up in his stall, which he is not fond of, especially since his brother, Don Franco, gets to roam free.

We bought new hay this week and never thought it would bother him, since we have purchased hay from this grower in the past. But due to the weather, this batch of hay was pulled from the field a little sooner than normal, due to rain, so it didn’t have all the time it needed to dry. We feel awful. Poor guy! 😦

Note: His patchy coat is because he is shedding right now.

Update: Today, Friday, he stayed in the bucket for over an hour!

Tuesday Update: He is much better and now enjoying the pasture, and…we had to purchase new hay.


First Salad

I was invited to a potluck on Monday and hadn’t made it to the store. I had surveyed the garden and thought I probably had enough to make a salad. Gathering the makings was going to take a while, since everything is still small. I needed to thin out the carrots and beets anyway, so I thought, “Why not make a salad.” Note: I don’t usually thin the veggies, I sort of let the strongest survive, but I really planted the carrots too close this time around and they need to be thinned.

Aren’t the colors of the garden pretty?

Salad consists of all baby veggies: carrots, beets and lettuce.

New Bed

This is the newest and first bed, planting the Square Foot Gardening way. I think the hardest part to building this bed, was getting it level. Eric had to dig out lots of rock in one corner (upper left), and even then, he put some of our compost on the bottom to level it. (That was after this pic was taken.) Next, fill it with Mel’s Mix and plant carrots and beets.

Sadie’s supervising.


Eric on Doug

On April 14th, 2005, our friend Randy, named our tractor. His story goes like this:

I had a thought today on the way to work. This name works on several levels.


His formal name would be Oliver Wendal Douglas, the star of the TV show Green Acres. I sing that theme song often while I’m on my tractor and I bet you will too. But what does a tractor to? It digs…and after it’s done you could say it has Dug…or “Doug”. Can ya dig it? Ha! Ok so it’s an awful pun…but you love goofy puns don’t you?

I want to thank Randy again for searching this out for me. He had to dig out his old laptop, find the email from 2005, retype it and send it to me. Thanks Ran!! You’re a pal!


Last week it was 100 degrees and now it’s raining! Don’t get me wrong, we need the rain and I’m glad for it, but I wish the weather would make up it’s mind. I hope the plants will be OK. They were really liking the heat and growing well. Generally, we don’t like it to rain on the tomatoes, but that is usually when they are loaded with fruit. The plants have a way to go, but we do have or did have, flowers. We even have our first teeny, tiny green grape tomatoe on the bush. Ahhh, Mother Nature. Can’t control her, just have to learn to go with the flow.

First Harvest

This was our first harvest. Picked on May 19. We had to see what the potatoes were doing.

Computerholic: me

I had written in the Zoey Farms weekly email newsletter, that I’m a computerholic. I’m doing better at limiting my time, but it’s soooo challenging. I love the internet; I can find out almost anything there and I love to keep in touch with people, so it’s difficult sometimes to pull myself away.

This is where I do most of my Zoey Farms work, and surfing. It sits on my countertop in the kitchen. I think one reason I am on the computer so much is that it beckons me as it sits openly in my space. I plan to make room for it somewhere else, so it’s sort of out of sight. This might help my obsessive need to be attached to the monster. 😉

Sidenote: See Zoey’s picture on the desktop? She is with me always.