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Brrr….it’s cold outside

As usual, time passes much too quickly. We have been having the most delicious garden salads, with a wonderful mix of arugula, mustard greens, chard, kale, a variety of lettuce and mesclun mix. Below is the lettuce, chard and kale beds.


The first brocolli heads looked and tasted good, now we are waiting for the side growth. Still waiting on the purple cabbage to form heads, and even though the cauliflower plants look good….no cauliflower. Bummer, cuz I heard it was really good last year. (We never ate any because we needed it all for our subscribers.) See how healthy they look?

Cauliflower Duds

Even though the garden has slowed down, we haven’t. In the meantime, we have been planting garlic and onions.


Close up of Onions

We are busy pulling up old plants, removing the watering systems, preparing new and old beds for planting, pulling weeds and looking through seed catalogs for next season.