What Snow Does to Tomatoes

Tomatoes After the Snow

What snow does to tomatoes.

This is what 6″ snow does to tomato plants. It freezes the leaves and vines and makes them crunchy. Not the correct sort of farming term, but more like how the plants feel and look.

We are in the process of clearing these now, adding them as compost ingredients. Then we’ll add more compost to the bed, to get it ready for the next planting.

We rotate crops as best we can, so something other than tomatoes will go into this row come Spring.

Frozen Brandywine Tomatoes

Frozen Brandywine Tomatoes

Here’s another pic of what the snow did to the tomato plants. Yeah, it was December and who would have thought we’d have tomatoes at that time, but check it out, in the middle of the pic is a red tomato. It wouldn’t be as good as a summer tomato, but maybe it would have been OK enough to eat.

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