Brandywine Tomato

Pure goodness

Pure goodness

Yippee! The tomatoes are here. Actually, we were able to give tomatoes 2 weeks earlier than we have in the past. The plants are tall and producing well. Mel’s Mix, SFG? Looks to be working pretty good. Our peppers have never been bigger and many of the tomatoes are over a pound each. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy with the results. Everything isn’t a bed of roses though, we still have to get the watering down. Some beds get too much and some not enough. It really depends on the plants needs, and if we would think ahead, we could probably plan and plant for that, but we don’t so we end up hand watering a little. Which is really Ok, because it gives us the opportunity to listen and look at the plants; see how they are doing. If everything was automated, we probably wouldn’t spend the time that we should. Plus, it’s so nice to be in amongst the plants. It’s kinda like a jungle now and I love it when the garden grows tall and wide and I have to duck and step over everything. It makes it a little harder for picking, but it’s an accomplishment.


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  1. Posted by Margi on August 12, 2009 at 2:10 am

    Hmmm. Are you sure that’s not a pumkin? 🙂

  2. I ordered one of those tomato trees you see advertised by Gardener’s Choice – you know, six feet tall and bushels of fruit, Well it had to go in a pot on the balcony and as it grew it was transplanted to the biggest pot I could find. Problem was the cutworms kept eating the blossoms – eventually we got one big ugly looking tomato. at first I thought 3 had merged. Then one day I saw the same thing at the Farmer’s Market and found out what I had been sent was a Braandywine plant. I now have about 6 tomatoes on it . . . but they are small and I hope they mature since it’s already august. Planted in April . . . any suggestions on the cutworms? Live in Southern CA.

  3. We had a Brandywine tomato that weighed in at 1.1kg. See

  4. Well, what I innocently thought must be a cutworm was actually blossom drop. We decided to move the plant from the back balcony to the front. In the process it must have gotten a good shake and there are some flowers in bloom there. Anyway, the blossoms stayed on and now we have about 10 tomatoes and more popping out. Late, but since we have warm weather here in Southern CA, I am hoping they will be red and delicious soon. Yippee.

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