Grandmother’s Radish Leaf Soup

Tonight I made Grandmother’s Radish Leaf Soup. We have an overabundance of radish leaves, so I found some recipes to use them. Did you know radish leaves contain almost six times the vitamin C content of their root and are also a good source of calcium? I used red potatoes instead of russets, which I think made the soup creamier. I didn’t have milk either, but my substitute of soy milk seemed to work well. I made the “flower” garnish with the radish and the swirl is olive oil. This is sort of a healthier potato soup.

One of our subscribers made this soup today and even her picky eaters enjoyed it. Try it, it’s good.

Grandma's Radish Leaf Soup

Grandma's Radish Leaf Soup


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  1. wow…how knew you could make soup of radish leaves! I love the idea of the vit. C Does it really tast good though? We normally feed them to the rabbits.

  2. I thought it was good. More like green potato soup. Even one of our subscriber’s picky eaters enjoyed it.

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