I admit it….

I am suppose to be doing my school work, but am easily distracted by all the gardening and recipe websites. I enjoy my school work, web design and programming, but tonight I am just not into it.

It might be because today was our second day for customers to pickup their veggies (and I am drinking coffee at 12:30am) and I’m still excited by the day. It’s always fun for us to hang out in the garden and chat with our new farm family. We enjoy picking the veggies, spreading and arranging the veggies on the tables, farmer’s market style, and greeting everyone who comes for a visit. It’s just fun and we really enjoy the day and the people.

Most of the veggies we have now are greens – good for salads. We eat most of our salads at this time of year. We picked lettuce, arugula, radish greens, basil, chard, cilantro and onions – all great for a big salad, which is what we had for dinner tonight. Healthy and yummy!

Ok, school work isn’t getting done, and I’ve got to get back to it. More later.

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