Here, in Northern California, I am grateful for the rain. We need it!!! And I am joyful to hear the drips and drops fall from the sky. Sure, I’ve been loving our unusual Spring weather, but it’s more important to have the moisture.

Life has been somewhat stressful for us lately; family emergencies which have us days away from the farm. A lesson in patience for me. All will work out for the best, I just have to remember to breath.

We are planning a Summer season and rebuilding our little farm is coming along. Six raised beds have now been built. We’ll build about five more in the upper garden and then continue into the lower garden. At some point, we’ll have to put up a better fence. Deer pass through the property, stop at the fence that barely keeps them out, and drool at the luscious greens they cannot have. Let’s hope they don’t decide to jump a little higher than normal! 😉

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