Making progress

Have you had any time to check out seeds yet? Remember, if you don’t receive catalogs, most seed companies are online as well. I just think it’s more fun to have the catalog, but come to think of it, I bought our last order while viewing online, and then I got the catalog! Either way, it’s fun to see the pictures of plants and what they will become. Don’t be like me; remember to order flower seeds too. Flowers and veggies are natural companions. The bees, humming birds and other beneficials come in to feed and helps pollinate your garden and eat bad bugs too. We can never have enough bees and other pollinators in our gardens. So invite them in.

GARDEN: We’ve had great help recently and made enough soil to fill the second bed. That’s 90 cubic feet of soil (this bed is 30′ x 4′) WhooHooo!!! Three of us worked on that task for almost 4 hours and got it mostly done (the bed has room for another 4 cubic feet). Boy, am I sore. But it was worth it…another bed done. Bed #3 is on it’s way, built, and needs to be filled. Bed #4 is started too. Who knows, at this rate we may have the upper garden in all raised beds by Spring!

We also cleaned up the dead and dying beans and cucumbers that grew on the trellis and squash and some tomato plants in the lower garden. Lot’s of green material for Eric’s compost pile. More to go and we’ll get that next week. The chard in the #1 bed is covered to protect it from frost and birds. The little amount of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts that the birds and gophers didn’t get, are also covered.

Square Foot Gardening (SFG): Contact us to purchase All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. You’ll continue to support local agriculture by purchasing the book from us, plus you’ll get a great book full of info for the beginning and experienced gardener. This book can teach anyone to grow veggies and flowers in a small space. Plus, you can always ask us any questions you may have. All for only $20 (price includes tax).

And speaking of Square Foot Gardening, we have recently been in contact with Mel regarding Mel’s Mix. He is working with a manufacturer to provide 2 cubic foot bags of the mix. So for a 4′ x 4′, 6″ deep bed, you will need 4 of these bags (total of 8 cubic feet). We hope to have these for sale to those of you who want/need it. Not sure when, but we’ll keep you posted. (Note: Let me tell you from experience, especially after recently making 90 cubic feet of this stuff, it will be WAY easier to just buy it and pour it into your bed. And we figure, the price is comparable to having to purchase all the materials separately.)

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