Rain, rain, go away.

Well, not really. We need the rain. Our pond has been dry for some time. The cranes have come in and eaten all the fish and the poor ducks hardly have any water to swim in. We felt so bad for them, we brought them water in a large container. With this rain, I know they are happy again.

The gopher(s) have eaten many of the broccoli and cauliflower that we planted for ourselves this fall. We can’t wait to start growing in raised beds. We have also started to tear down old beds to build new.

Fall is a great time to start making your raised beds for spring planting. You can use wood, bricks, rocks, whatever you have to contain your soil. And start making compost too. Save your kitchen scraps, grass clippings and yard waste. Find free horse or cow manure. Mix it up, let it cook and you’ll have compost. Yes, there is more to it than that, but not much. It’s pretty simple and basic. Our goal this year, is to make our own compost. Purchasing it is not cheap and the transportation costs are as much as the compost. So making it will save money, reuse and recycle our own resources and reduce our carbon footprint by not shipping it to the farm. Go to Kitchen Gardeners.org and watch a video on making compost or check out Composting 101. The important thing is to start. We’ve even heard, in some counties, the garbage company will provide a composting bin free to their customers. Check it out and take advantage of the offer, if available.

Now is also the time to check out seed catalogs and purchase your seeds for spring. There are many seed companies out there but the most important factor, to us anyway, is to purchase from a company that honors the safe seed pledge. This pledge means the seed company will not knowingly sell seeds that have been genetically modified (GMO). Go to Gene Watch to learn about some seed companies and their websites. (Note: This list is about 2 years old, but you can check out the individual websites and double check…at least it’s a start.) Go to Say No to GMOs! to learn more about genetically modified organisms.

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