Catching up

Again, I apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I’ve been so busy with life lately (going to school, looking for a job, rebuilding the gardens, attending meetings, dealing with a computer crash, etc., etc.), and unfortunately, this blog has been last on my to-do list.

I write an email newsletter about once a week or so, to everyone on our email list, so I think I’ll post some of those here, because: 1) I’ve already written them, and 2) there’s lots of info. There is some sort of order in it all, first we discuss compost briefly and then on to purchasing seeds.

Not much is happening on the farm right now, we are sort of hibernating, and at the same time rebuilding the beds. We decided to take the plunge and build all raised beds and fill them with Mel’s Mix. We’re slow, but it’s getting done. Pics to be posted later.

So that’s it for now (I have to study for my last final of the semester).

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