Mystery Tomato

We received this tomato plant from Copia in Napa, CA, when we were visiting last March. They have a lovely, kitchen garden and greenhouse. One of the staff was repotting tomatoes and she offered us two plants. She wasn’t sure what was what, but knew they were heirlooms and not a cherry variety. One turned out to be a green zebra tomato and the other is the tomato pictured to the right. Anyone know what it is?

They are pear-shaped and are on the orange-red side for color. Meaty and firm, great flavor. Most are pretty large, about the size of my palm or bigger.

Here’s another picture of them, to the left. Each subscriber got one this day.

Below is how they look when they are growing? Any ideas?


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  1. They look really close to a Roma.

    It’s hard to tell from the pictures.

    I’m really curious about how you prep your soil for your beds…I’m tearing up a field of crabgrass and slowly replacing it with a garden, but that insidious snake-grass…..grrrr.

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