Time Flies!

Has it really been a month since I’ve posted. Sorry for that. I have a few pictures to share, just haven’t gotten around to uploading them. I’ll try this week.

The plants are acting as if it’s the end of September, instead of the end of August. The squash are dying back, but have put on some new growth. This is unusual and too early in the season for this to happen. Our largest haul of squash in one picking was 80 pounds and now we are lucky to get 20 squash per picking. Tomatoes are in, but again, not as prolific as last year. I blame the weather and that encompasses a lot, global warming being the main culprit. What do we do? We just continue to grow and see what happens.

We are excited to be attending a symposium on Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew in September. We are really happy with the raised bed we put in this year. For example, eggplant never grows well for us; the plants are stunted and the leaves get attacked by bugs. But this year, we put 8 eggplant in the SFG bed and they are growing great. We’ve never had so much eggplant. (Note: we didn’t expect to have any, so we didn’t plant enough for everyone, which sort of works out because not everyone likes eggplant.) Seeing the results firsthand of SFG, we have decided to rebuild the gardens for the 2009 summer season, in the SFG method.

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