Cheery, Cherry Tomatoes

Sungold, Sugar Lump, Green Grape, Cayenne Pepper & DiMilpa Tomatillo

Sungold, Sugar Lump and Green Grape Tomatoes; Cayenne Pepper and De Milpa Tomatillo

We have been giving cherry tomatoes for a couple of weeks now, and each week the baskets are fuller and fuller. This week we even gave some cayenne pepper and De Milpa Tomatillos. Just enough to make a little salsa. Big tomatoes are starting to come in too. Yippee!!!

From Johnny’s Seeds:

De Milpa Tomatillo (OG)
(Physalis ixocarpa)

Mexican heirloom, long storage.
These grow unattended in family corn fields and are harvested for home use and for selling in town on market day. High dry matter, small to medium, round fruits store fresh for several weeks, handy for fresh salsa. Portions of the fruits blush with purple, especially after harvest. Organically grown.

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