This is how the raised bed looks today. Much different from the last pic, eh?

We’ve got a variety of peppers, a few eggplant (because we never have been able to grow eggplant, so we wanted to see how they would do in this environment….results?…much better and now we wish we had planted more.), purple carrots, gold beets and bright lights chard. Quite the colorful bed, even if some of the colors will be underground.

Our conclusion so far: We love working in this bed. It’s super easy to plant and work in the dirt. Plants seem to like it better too. We observe plants planted in this dirt compared to those same plants planted directly in our ground, and these seem healthier and are growing faster. The peppers are putting on peppers much better and faster than those in the ground that were planted way before them. We definitely want all of our beds to be raised and grown in this method.

And that will take some work and planning. More on that later.

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