Cucumbers are on the way!

Wednesday, we were able to give long, striped Armenian cucumbers to our subscribers. Soon, we’ll have loads of lemon cucumbers too. The bees are buzzing on the flowers, doing their pollinating job, helping in the garden.

I love the tendrils the plants put out. They grab onto anything they can. We are training all of the cucumbers to climb a fence. It’s working good with the Armenian’s, but not so good with the lemon’s. Either way, we will have a lot for our subscribers.

Why do we train them to climb a fence? Because it’s easier for us to pick.


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  1. Posted by LESLIE on July 9, 2008 at 9:30 am

    I wish you could send some fresh cucumbers to Santa Cruz! Yours look like they’ll be the best ever! Boy, do I miss my little garden! I always had a fresh cucmber or two every day. I think cucumbers have alot of vitamins and are really healthy? Love, Les

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