Raised Bed with Grid

It only took two tries to get the grid right, and this is how it looks right now. I thought using string would be easier for me and I think it will work. Time will tell after the veggies grow, but for now,
it’s what it is.

Tip: The first time I installed the grid, I used cotton string and tacks, which I tacked into the top of the wood. It looked good and I thought it was a great and inexpensive way to create the grid, but I soon realized the tacks would pop out at the slightest touch. Eric and I were on our hands and knees, in the garden, looking for tacks that had flung themselves far from their original spot. It was sort of like looking for a contact on a rug….hard. But we didn’t want anyone, especially Sadie, to get a tack in the foot. We think we found most of them……yes, I said most, which indicates more than one flew across the garden.

We decided the tacks were not going to work, so we removed them all and replaced them with upholstery tacks, which are longer. I also put them on the side of the wood, instead of on top. I didn’t use the cotton string, but instead used a sort of nylon-type string, which seemed stronger and was thicker. I guess I thought it would stand up to the sun better than the cotton. We’ll see and I’ll report more as time passes.

(I can see in this picture that I need to take some closeups of the tacks and string.)


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  1. Was good to talk to you today at the Red Bluff Show. I am very interested in this and am going to try it.

    Is there a particular kind of wood you used that handles moisture well?

    I am assuming the grids are to achieve maximum plant density?

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