This is one of our horses, Centenarrio. See his foot in the bucket? He is such a good boy, he’ll stay like that for at least 45 minutes. He ate hay that was too rich and now has founder laminitis, a sort of horsey gout. Big bummer! Soaking his foot in cold water should help. Plus, he has to stay locked up in his stall, which he is not fond of, especially since his brother, Don Franco, gets to roam free.

We bought new hay this week and never thought it would bother him, since we have purchased hay from this grower in the past. But due to the weather, this batch of hay was pulled from the field a little sooner than normal, due to rain, so it didn’t have all the time it needed to dry. We feel awful. Poor guy! 😦

Note: His patchy coat is because he is shedding right now.

Update: Today, Friday, he stayed in the bucket for over an hour!

Tuesday Update: He is much better and now enjoying the pasture, and…we had to purchase new hay.

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