En Primavera Ya

Every season the beds need some repair, so we spent a great deal of time on the carrot and beet beds. Below is a pic of Eric adjusting the water lines on the updated carrot bed. You can just see his new water system at the bottom of the pic. These will be installed at the end of each bed, allowing us to turn the water on and off to each bed, depending on the plants watering needs. It will be buried, but right now, they are kind of hanging out in space. We also put a row cover over this bed, to warm up the air and ground, creating a mini-greenhouse, to encourage the carrots to sprout and deter the birds. This weekend we will set out the “beer” traps for the earwigs. Lucky earwigs! There are three varieties of carrots in this row. The beet row is almost finished and it will have 4 varieties, one being the “Mystery Beet” because I put seeds in a baggy and didn’t label them. I’m hoping they are the Detroit Golden, as I can’t find them. Another new beet I’m excited about is the Forono, a cylindrical, deep purple beet. Yeah, I know, I get excited about veggies. What can I say.

This year, the asparagus is four years old. We bought them when they were one year old crowns. They have been in our beds for 3 years. I guess we were a little premature in expecting a full crop. Although we have been enjoying them, there isn’t enough to share with all of our paid subscribers. As you can see by the attached pics, we need to do some weeding in the beds. Any volunteers?

That’s it for this week! Enjoy this spring weather!

La tierra negra se vuelve verde
Y las montanas y el desierto
Un bello jardin
Primavera – Santana

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