Diggin In The Dirt

The weather is warming up. That means more time outside to play, garden and enjoy nature. Go out there and soak in the sun, breath in the fresh air and dig in the dirt. Many of you have your own kitchen garden and now is the time to get the soil ready and plant seeds.

COMPOST: Arrived on schedule on Tuesday. See Eric on top of our new mountain.

That’s a lot of compost, about 40 yards or 28 tons. We purchased it from Jepson Prairie Organics, <www.jepsonprairieorganics.com> out of Vacaville. We bought the Four Course®Compost, aged 3 years and is certified organic. It looks really nice and we are excited to have it. Now that it’s here, we will hill the potatoes and cover the asparagus. Many of you have asked us where to get compost. Check your local nursery, where you can purchase smaller amounts. We go to Front Yard Nursery <www.frontyardnursery.com> in Placerville on Mother Lode Drive.

POTATOES: Eric is so excited, as I’ve mentioned before, about the potatoe plants. I thought I should include a pic, so you can get excited too. We have 5 variety of potatoes: Red LaSalle, All Blue, Yukon Gold, Russet and Yellow Fin. Did you know the United Nations declared 2008 the International Year of the Potato? Their aim is to raise global awareness of the potato’s key role in agriculture, the economy and world food security. <www.potato2008.org>

EARWIG BAIT: We actually buy dark beer for the earwigs, although I think this case is going more to human consumption….he, he!! But really, last year we had so much earwig damage, we had to find an answer. Dark beer and dark soy sauce seems to be what they like. We host a pool party for the earwigs by laying out recycled Altoid boxes and fill them with beer. We did have some success last year, so we will try again this year. Right now, we have pools of beer and soy sauce in the carrot and beet rows.

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