In The Garden

Squash, Peppers and Tomatoes

The tomatoe plants are growing and we see many green tomatoes on the vines.
Peppers are on the pepper plants and today we ate our first baby squash. They were very good. We also found the first lemon cucumber and shared that in the garden. Very crisp and refreshing. The radish are ready and very spicy. I think they would be good in a salsa. The arugula is growing well and about 2 – 3″ tall. The new cilantro is starting to grow too. Last week we added 4 Isis Candy cherry tomatoes, very sweet and 6 eggplant. We hope the eggplant make it. In the past we haven’t had good luck with it and we hear from neighboring farmers the bugs, probably earwigs, have eaten all of their plants. But we will try it again and now that we know the beer trick, we will see if this makes any headway. We have planted more basil, cilantro and carrots and this week we plan on planting more squash, carrots, radish, sunflowers, and turnips.

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