Bugs or Birds?

Next on the agenda: Earwigs, also called pincher bugs. They are all over. And they run fast.

At first I thought the pretty, little gold finches were eating the cucumber and Chinese long bean leaves, so I put out some reflector tape to scare them away. But the more I looked at the leaves, I thought the damage might be caused by bugs. So I put some diatomacious earth at the base of the plants. It’s suppose to scratch the bugs bellies, something they don’t like, so they leave. That didn’t seem to work either. Since we saw so many earwigs, we thought “Could they be doing the damage?” I looked up info on the internet and concluded it was them. But if the diatomacious earth wasn’t working, what now. There are earwig traps. The kind where they go in and don’t come out. And I read we can make a trap easily out of rolled up newspaper. You are suppose to set out the newspaper in the evening. The earwigs are suppose to go into the paper and then you go back in the morning and put the newspaper in boiling water or soapy water to drown them. Eric tried this method last night and only caught two.

Holey Cucs

Eaten Up Beans

In the meantime, I had to pull all of the green bean plants. They just would not grow or rather, could not grow with all the holes in the new leaves. I did replant a section this week and those seeds are already popping up. If the weather continues to be warm, I think they will have a chance to outgrown the bugs.

What’s Left of the Beans

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