Dang Varmits! The saga continues.

So we bought 4 of these expensive Molechasers, totally expecting them to work. I mean, all of their information and testimonials said they would work, so they ought to work, right?. Work meaning chase the gophers, voles and moles away. We thought we had read the instructions correctly and gotten them into the ground deep enough, but after 4 phone calls to the company in Oregon where we purchased them, 2 phone calls to New Jersey to talk to tech support and 2 emails to the tech support, you would have thought we would have the answer as to why the varmits are digging RIGHT NEXT TO THE MOLECHASERS. I swear, the name should be changed to MoleAttractor.

Finally we talked to an experienced person in Oregon who told us the critters are attracted at first. They don’t like the sound, so they go towards it with intentions of getting rid of it. She had placed a Molechaser in her lawn and the gophers actually dug it up! She also told us to bury the Molechaser. No where in their instructions do they say to bury the thing.

Our next challenge was how to dig holes that deep in our rocky, hardpan earth. We had to go down at least 18″. We didn’t have any tools to accomplish this job, so Eric rented a drill thingy. He brought it home and started to drill holes all over the upper garden. He figured since he had rented the thing, he might as well drill some holes, thinking maybe he would move the Molechasers around the garden. Not long after he started to drill, the thing starts to smoke. I only noticed it because it smelled so bad.

Eric Drilling Holes

Eric Drilling Holes

We decided there were enough holes in the upper garden and he should move to the lower one before the thing breaks down. So wouldn’t you know it, he’s just about finished drilling one hole and the machine dies on him. Back to the rental place to see if they can fix it or loan us another one. Well, they didn’t have another and it couldn’t be fixed that day, but they did waive the rental fee…which was real nice.

So the upper garden has 2 Molechasers buried at opposite ends of the garden and the lower garden has 1 buried. I stuck the other one in a gopher hole, sideways, until we can drill another hole.

Are they working? you ask. Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since we installed them properly and even though we have seen some activity, it has lessened. We haven’t seen gophers in either of the gardens in about 10 days or so, but we do have a mole in the lower garden. He hasn’t done much damage, except mess up some of the mounds for the squash.

Next varmit to tackle: EARWIGS (Yuk! They are everywhere.)


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  1. Su and Eric: We used to put out a shallow pie tin with beer in it and drown the little suckers (ear wigs I mean). I hope this helps. They are prehistoric and, like the cockroach, we are not going to get rid of them any time soon. If ever there is a nuclear fall-out, you and I will be long gone but our friend the ear-wig will still be kickin’.

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