Bog Garden

Below are a couple of pics of the Bog Garden. We call it that because it’s behind and lower than the pond and the ground at the end of the garden seems to always be wet. We joke that we could grow rice there.

So what you see in this first pic is squashes and melons in the foreground and tomatoes in the background.


Here is a closeup of the damage done by the vole. I think he has eaten 3 to 5 squash plants. But there is hope, I saw some new plants popping up the other day. Let’s hope he’s left. Did you know voles look like cute, little mice and they can have 12 litters in a year!!


This next pic isn’t very exciting, photography-wise, but it’s a pic of the tomatoes. And we are so proud and thrilled about this year’s crop. They are the best tasting tomatoes ever. I conduct taste tests at my other job, and everyone loves trying the different varieties. My favorites so far this year are the Sun Gold and Isis Candy cherrys (thank you Marcia), the Pineapples (super sweet) and the German Red Strawberries (perfect for tomatoe sandwiches, very meaty, not many seeds).


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